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I strive to create compelling fine art photographs of the natural world, that celebrate the beauty of creation. I hope that you find an image that connects with you, and am honored that you would make my artwork a part of your everyday life.
— Josh

About the Photographer

Over the years, Josh has developed a sizeable portfolio of images that celebrate the beauty of the natural world. His images are often described as joyful, which reflects his mission to return the viewer to a sense of delighting in the beauty of creation. The photographs that he creates utilize digital technology, but undergo relatively minor adjustments, like those that would be done in a traditional chemical darkroom. The image quality and unique colors that he achieves in-camera are a testament to his determination and knowledge of the natural world.



Josh's photography style has been described as tending towards simple, graphically strong compositions, of compelling subjects in the natural world with a unique vision and skilled use of color.

The artwork is finished in a traditional gallery-style double matting and framing to allow the artwork to be displayed in most any decor style.

Handmade by the Photographer

All of the traditional prints that you purchase on this website are made by me, Josh Merrill. My artwork is not sent off to a lab. I do all of my own printing(except for the infused metal prints) in order to maintain much higher quality and control. This means that I am able to control the process from the very beginning of the process in image capture stage, all the way through to the printing, matting and framing stages.